Reisenthel CS was established in 1993 as an affiliated company to the German firm Reisenthel Accessoires.
Since its beginning Reisenthel CS has specialized predominantly in the production and sale of products intended for offices and households. These products were, for example, folders, files, drawers, boxes, waste bins, notice boards and desk pads.
Owing to collaboration with the domestic company and namely with this company’s designer, Katja Horst, most of the production is original avant-garde creations. Many products have also received international appreciation for their design and application.
Currently the company specializes in processing polypropylene boards and foils from which the company makes the aforementioned office products and wrappers.
Lately the production base has consisted in wrappers and special products for advertising purposes.
The company makes use of modern technologies and avant-garde applications of them. What is worth mentioning is the utilization of hot-air and ultrasonic welding, the plotter for the production of samples, digital and offset print in combination with screen printing and embossing.
This, provided in high quality as per ISO 9001:2001 brings fulfilment to the exacting requirements of our clientele.