We have changed our business name.

You will find us under the new business name of PRIMOBAL.

After 26 years of property interconnection with Mr. Peter Reisenthel a new independent company PRIMOBAL is being established. This new company is going to cooperate closely with the German company Reisenthel Accessoires.

The new name refers to a different field of business/enterprise. Meanwhile the company Reisenthel Accessories concentrates on production and sale of trendy bags and travelling necessities, PRIMOBAL concentrates on custom manufacturing of packaging, office supplies and some other special products.

Nothing is going to change for our business partners. Primobal is taking over of all obligations and receivables and it's going to continue with the existing manufacturing.

Identification and tax identification number, address and the phone number is staying the same. Only emails are going to change and the name of our Internet domain and the company address website on Facebook.


Protective face shield made from PET sheet

In the corona time we´ve focused on prevention and goods in short supply. We produce a protective face shield from PET sheet The shield is simple, cheep and immediately available.


Plastic etui is nice

The plastic etui is welded together with ulrasonic. The printing add it a nice look.


Envelope made from polypropylene last out for long time

The polypropylene envelope with plastic press button is unlike paper resistant, easy to wash and aimed for long-term use.


Your advertising will be conspicuous

From polypropylene is possible to make funny bookmarks for advertising. These you can find in trams of the city Brno.


Moreover the shopper Umbra mini is ecological

The diminished bag from recycled leather is on and on popular.


Folder with pockets

for cards or paltes needed? Approach us with it. We ´ll be glad to produce it.

Storage boxes for children

Storage boxes for children

we have made in three sizes and five colour shades. The boxes are very easy fold an unfoldable and washable. The used plastic – polypropylene is harmless and recyclable.

On our folder your advertising jumps out

On our folder your advertising jumps out

The most of beverage companies use our service for promotion of novelties. We offer an array of easy and handy folders for inserting of the menu, suitable for restaurant, coffehouse or confectionary.
Folders are made from transparent polypropylen with the area for placement of the suitable advertising. The size and toughness ( material thickness ) is only up to your choice. According to demanded amount, which is not limiting, is the print processed either by offset or digital. The delivery time is short. The material and the print inks as well are harmless certificated.

Foam Insertions

Foam Insertions

We project and produce foam insertions for product stabilizing. We cut the insertions from foam materials on plotter to customer needs.