Recycled leather

Recycled leather is a material representing a mixture of non-woven and unevenly distributed fibres. The substance is formed by leather fibres of various types. This mixture creates a fibrous fleece that is consolidated with natural binders in such a way that it forms a solid material very similar to natural hide. This material contains more than 70% natural leather. For production, waste from the processing tanning industry is processed. This is formed by tan waste and chromo-tanned leather. Natural rubber, natural fats, and tanning agents are added for consolidation.
Recycled leather is almost indistinguishable from natural leather.
It preserves most of the properties that we treasure so much in natural leather. When an adequate finish is applied this material can be distinguished from natural leather by experts only.
Recycled leather can also be dyed. The Reisenthel company uses this material predominantly in a natural, light brown finish
and in a grey-black colour.
Just as in natural leather, slight variations in colour that are given by the product’s natural character must be taken into account.
Processing recycled leather does not burden the environment.